So, I’m going to talk about the local traffic in Edinburgh, or what I should really call it the local roadworks.

My trip to work should take around 30 minutes but due to all the traffic and roadworks it’s nearly half an hour. This doesn’t bother me too much normally but today it just felt extreme. A bit of road I could have walked in around 5 minutes took between 15 and 20 to get through.

In the image above it doesn’t look too bad but that clearly was not at rush hour! To make the whole thing worse they are going to shut this tiny peice of road for 44 weeks! 44 weeks seem like an awfully long time considering how much they have done on this road already and the fact that basically shut the whole road off at one point or another.

I’m sure this will come up again, possibly related to my cycling to work, when I actually purchase some pannier bags but for now, that’s me done.

Daily Prompt – Local


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